"You're like the poster child for good Slytherins!" -elsinore-rose

Alyssa. 20. Red head by nature, Amazonian warrior queen by nurture. Lover of words, of theater, of coffee, of violet perfume. Professional nap taker/procrastination princess. Studying playwriting in the beautiful city of Chicago. Blissfully taken bi-romantic. Commander Shepard by day, closeted Disney Princess fan by night. Works at that famous smelly soap store. Watches too many television shows. A stubborn, sarcastic, sensitive someone.

"Laughter. Running. Let down hair. That is all there is to life."


blinkingatliberty replied to your post: tmi wednesday but uh

bro I am actually legit jealous

bro it was like less than $20 it is do-able

hook yo self up

treat yo self

ALSO EDIT BECAUSE I SAW YOUR RESPONSE: You can get ones that look like other non-vibe things.

Like I almost got one that looks like a tube of lipstick.

Fo real.

  1. thereisloveintheworld said: YESSSSS ugh the lelo mia is so presh i’ve wanted one forever.
  2. korrrraaaa said: what if you got mixed up and accidentally used a tube of actual lipstick
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