Alyssa. Assertion in pumps, doing a victory ball-change.

In my zombie apocalypse survival bag: my trusty sonic screwdriver, certified proof of my N7 training, my Browncoat, my 'Mutant and Proud' badge, my Ancient Nord Battle Axe of Frost, snacks for my Direwolf, and my PhD in Horribleness. I've got shit to Avenge.

"Laughter. Running. Let down hair. That is all there is to life."


blinkingatliberty replied to your post: tmi wednesday but uh

bro I am actually legit jealous

bro it was like less than $20 it is do-able

hook yo self up

treat yo self

ALSO EDIT BECAUSE I SAW YOUR RESPONSE: You can get ones that look like other non-vibe things.

Like I almost got one that looks like a tube of lipstick.

Fo real.

  1. thereisloveintheworld said: YESSSSS ugh the lelo mia is so presh i’ve wanted one forever.
  2. korrrraaaa said: what if you got mixed up and accidentally used a tube of actual lipstick
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